Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Letter of Resignation

I just turned in my letter of resignation

I thought I would be overjoyed about this new step in my life but I'm not exactly.
It was a bittersweet moment.
Something I had been wanting for a long time.
It's something I've been waiting for for a long time.
Rather than feel excited with anticipation I am scared.

I'm scared of the unknown.
What will they expect?
Will I meet up to their expectations?
Can I handle the job?
Will I get along with my coworkers?
Can we afford to make this change?

So many things are running through my mind about this new job.
For a moment I contemplated turning it down because of the pay decrease and the unknown.
I didn't.
I accepted.

There will have to be changes.
No longer will we be able to save money by carpooling.
We will be taking a few hundred dollars a month pay cut.
There's furlough days.
My hours will change.
I will have a longer commute with actual traffic.
It's a scary change for me.

There are plenty of good things though.
The benefits rock.
I will have more days off.
I get two weeks vacation rather than the one week I get now.
I can actually retire from there.
I can move up whereas I am stuck in this position here.
I will get raises so I will eventually make more than I can here.
I get holidays off.
I get paid sick days.
I'm sure there's more.

I start October 7th.



good luck! Fear of the unknown is the scariest kind, but it sounds like you have a LOT of positives ahead of you at your new job!

Good luck!

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