Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12 years ago...

12 years ago, last month I set off on a life changing journey.
I went into the Marine Corps.
Crazy to think that it was actually me...
It really was a whole other life.

While in bootcamp I met and bonded with many of the other girls.  I have to say girls because a lot of us were right out of high school.  Bootcamp was a tough 3 months of physical and mental torture but we made it through.  I truly believe having each other and going through it together made the experience bearable.  It was an amazing time and great memories were made.

I bring all this up now because I was in search of one of my bootcamp friends on Facebook.  I found her and she responded.  That one connection lead to many many more.  A few weeks ago we had a Facebook bootcamp reunion.  Each connection lead to another.  It was amazing catching up with these ladies that I went through so much with.  I am absolutely amazed at how we all turned out and what everyone is up to now.  A few are still in the Corps and only 8 years away from retirement.  How awesome!  Others of us have gone on to have kids, have careers outside of the military, and obtain an college education.

It was great catching up.  

I am not one to be all gung ho but Once a Marine Always A Marine and Oorah Devil Dogs!  Hehehe

Some pics from bootcamp.  No we were not allowed to have cameras but I was sneaky!


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