Monday, September 28, 2009

I was coming back from a weekend at the river when I decided to check on a local social networking board I frequent. I was expecting the usual chatter or even "silence" since it was the weekend. I was completely wrong. What I read shocked and saddened me.

One of the ladies, Jewelyn, was due to give birth and everyone was excited for her. She had posted a few days ago asking for advice and what to expect in the delivery room. One of the other ladies (a friend of Jewels and also a member of the networking site) was even all set and ready to head to the hospital as the official photog for the beautiful event. None of this was to be.

The photog (I would rather not say her name since I have not asked her if it's OK) was the bearer of the heartbreaking news. Jewelyn was taken in for an emergency c-section. Baby Gabrielle was born but Jewelyn did not make it. She suffered an amniotic fluid embolism & disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC). She lost brain activity and was placed on life support. Her husband had to make the most difficult decision he probably will ever have to make. Jewelyn passed away Sunday September 27 at 11:30 PM. Jewelyn leaves behind a wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl.

The ladies of the networking site have come together and set up a Paypal account for donations. Donations can be sent to; 100% of the donations will be given to Jewel's family. Also we are holding a yard sale this Saturday. All the proceeds will go directly to Jewelyn's family.