Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's been awhile since I posted

Since my last post I have finished the entire Twilight series! YAY and boo. The books were so gripping that it was difficult to put them down for any period of time. Poor Andrew was without a wife for awhile while I holed up and read my little heart out every chance I got. I love love love the series. The last book was the best! Next on my list is Angels & Demons.

We went to Wango Tango...more on that in another post. :P

This past weekend Andrew took me on a mini getaway to Laguna. We left Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The getaway wasn't all we dreamed. We booked a room on the beach. We thought it would be decent for the price we paid. Yea, that was untrue!

First, we get to the hotel and there's no parking. NONE. We had to park 2 blocks down and 3 blocks up a hill! No joke. It sucked. Then we get into our room and it was majorly ugly. I could deal with that though. What I couldn't handle very well was the super hard bed and the paper thin walls. We didn't sleep well and it was worse when our neighbors came back 2 times in the middle of the night. They sat up and talked forever both times. At times they were loud but even when they were speaking in what seemed to be normal volumes their voices STILL carried into our room keeping me awake. I was miserable. Oh and Andrew grabbed a few muffins for breakfast the next morning which was part of their continental breakfast and started eating them only to notice mold!! *barf*

Enough of the horrid room. Saturday we went out to dinner and walked. We were in bed by 9:30pm. How lame am I? LOL. We woke up at around 6:30am (lame again) and went to breakfast. it was cloudy and a bit chilly so we decided to wait in the room until the sun broke so we could lay out on the beach. That didn't go as planned. We had to check out by 11am. We checked out and laid on the beach in the cold. No sun! It was forecast to be sunny at 1. 1 came and went with no luck on sun so we decided to get lunch and hope it came out. Nope. Never did. At least not in the area we were in. We left at 3pm and drove a few blocks out and guess was freakin' sunny! WTH? So yea, it was a great getaway...NOT! It was nice to be alone but it didn't pan out the way we'd hoped.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I'm so lame!

I'm forgetful. Insanely forgetful. I switched from Depo to the pill in December. Since then I have had to double up on pills numerous times. I can't seem to take the pill daily. It doesn't matter if the pack is right in front of me or if I have an alarm set. I will hear it or think to myself that it's time to take the pill then I get distracted and forget about it completely. It's so bad!

I only have to pick up a pack once a month right? So my forgetful self put in an order and FORGOT to pick it up!! UGH...I haven't been on the pill since Thursday! I am picking it up tomorrow but I can't believe I forgot not only one pill but the entire pack! Now my body is probably gonna go all whacky on me.