Friday, June 25, 2010

Bedroom makeover #1

I completely forgot to take a "before" picture of my bedroom.  But it looked something like the picture below of the oak bedroom set.  Mine was a lighter color and more fancy and a bit nicer but you get the idea. The light colored wood and country look hasn't been my style for awhile.  I bought that bedroom set 8 years ago and I loved it back then.  My tastes have changed. 

We hadn't done a thing to our bedroom.  It disgusted us actually.  We didn't have a nice comforter and sheet set and no decor on the walls.  Our room was just BLAH until we decided to do something about it.

A few weeks ago we bought a new bedroom set.  We bought this bed:

 and this media chest:

We chose not to buy the rest of the set 1) to save money  2) to have room to move around in the bedroom  3) because we plan on doing other things for storage purposes  4) because I have a better idea!

We decided to paint as well.  FINALLY!  I have never in my life painted...ever!

Here's what we have done so far....

Next will be putting up floating shelves next to the bed as an alternative to nightstands.  Here's an example:

I'm excited to be getting my room finally put together.  It was so depressing before because it just wasn't "me" anymore.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Our house, a year later.

A little over a year later and we are still not anywhere near finished with decorating the house.  We haven't painted nor put all the baseboards in.  We haven't even gotten the whole place decorated period.  not one room is complete as of yet.  Laziness is one issue. Another is finding things that catch my eye.  So here is what we have so far.

Front of house 
Only thing we have done is plant grass and pull out some ugly bushes and trees that were by the window and then laid down wood chips for now.

Eventually there will be a mantel.  However Andrew doesn't want one because we use the space above the fireplace to watch movies with the projector.

Bar area off the livingroom
It's supposed to be the formal diningroom but we have no need for that.

One day that light ficture (and all the rest of them) will be changed out.

Family room
We will change out those two tables for a nice dark colored coffee table.

Man Cave

Soon we will have this bed & media chest in our bedroom

Suraya's bed