Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The dream I had...

I can't remember the details of the dream I had last night but what I do remember is that I was pregnant. Hmmm, could it be?

Our week without Suri

We dropped Suraya & my sis off 2 Saturday's ago at LAX. they were Florida bound to visit my dad. My unemotional butt got all teary-eyed when I had to say bye. It's scary sending your baby off for the first time. What if something were to happen and I'm not there? It's really scary but I let her go. I can't be forever sheltering her, not that I ever have really.

After we dropped her off Andrew and I decided to make use of our season passes to Universal Studios. It was the first day of Grinchmas and they had Whos running around. It was cute. The makeup they did on the characters was awesome! Oh and the Grinch was sooo mean! HAHA. Anyway, we were able to get on all the rides right away. It was so much fun not having to wait in line for a ride!! After that we headed to a Puerto Rican restaurant where I was able to eat the yummy food I missed so much!

The next day we went on a bike ride and explored more of our little city. Who falls off a bike while standing still? ME!!

A few days later we went to watch Avatar in 3D with my BFF and her family. Let me tell you...3D is a must! I don't care what the movie was about I was captivated by the animation in 3D.

Christmas Eve we ended up going to my Grandmother's/aunt's house. Man, I missed how crazy it gets there. I haven't been there in a few years because of some grudges I hold. I hold grudges forever but I decided to put those aside. I am so glad I did. My grandmother is crazy. There's no other way to describe her but CRAZY! What 73 year old woman runs around chasing people with guns? My grandma. What 73 year old woman gets drunk and starts flashing people? Yup, my grandma. What 73 year old woman talks about people's asses she kicked? My grandma. What 73 year old woman calls everyone a Mother Fucker? Yup again, my grandma. What a night! Andrew got a taste of my whacky family.

On Christmas day Andrew and I went snowboarding. It was a ton of fun especially because it wasn't crowded at all as people had warned me it would be.

This past Saturday we ended up going to a club. Now clubbing isn't my thing anymore and it's definitely not Andrew's thing but we went anyway and had a blast. I wish I would have listened to him and not drank so much. Oh well, I was dancing my little butt off all night! The next day not so great.

Sunday I was hung over! UGH! So THAT'S why I don't drink anymore, huh?! Lulu decided to dig under the fence and run away. Little turd head. In my fuzzy hungover mind I didn't freak out as bad as I would have had I been all there. We ended up finding her on the next street over. BRAT! That night we picked up Suri and my sis from the airport. Got home at 2:30am...OMG...we were sooo tired and called off Monday.

So that was our week without Suraya. it was fun even though I missed the little brat. She text messaged me up the butt while she was gone. So cute!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

My purchases of the day!

I went out to buy some clearanced Christmas decorations but only ended up buying gift wrap, tags, and a storage container. I didn't feel like spending money on Christmas decor afterall. Instead I spent money on this....

and this...

The boots I had to have! I saw them in a store at the mall, yes San Jacinto has a mall..a small one...very very small. The store didn't have my size so I was kind of resigned to the fact that I couldn't have them BUT there was still one store in town I could try. I went to that store and guess what they had? MY BOOTS!!! I bought them and plan on wearing them tonight. I'm dragging Andrew out with me...mwuahahhaha!

While I was at the mall I saw that the bookstore was closing and they had books on sale. I ran across Philippa Gregory's books, the author of "The Other Boleyn Girl", and was intrigued. I'm really excited to start reading it. I loved the movie "The Other Boleyn Girl" so I'm hoping to enjoy her books just as much.

So there ya go. My day was fun! I ended up with some cool boots and a much needed book to read!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grades are in!

Finally this quarter is over! Just 8 more classes or 3 more quarters (sounds better) until I am DONE with my BA. FINALLY! So what did I get in my Social Psych and my Senior Seminar classes? A "B" in both. Now I'm used to getting at least 1 or 2 "A"s every quarter but I think I can handle "B"s. Hey right now I'm all about passing with no less than a "B" and maintaining above a 3.0 GPA. As long as I do those two I can live.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let the festivities begin!

Andrew's dad and stepmother coordinated a nice evening out as a Christmas gift for the family. The evening started off at the Mission Inn where we were going to see the building all lit up and decorated. Now if you've never seen the Mission Inn during Christmas you're really missing out. The building is amazing period but all lit up, wow! We all met up around 4 on a rainy and wet evening but that was OK. I was very happy most of us in the family showed up. Only the usual ones didn't but no one was surprised. Unfortunately by 5 the lights weren't all on but we stood around enjoying the site for a little while before we went on to the next skating!

Ice skating was so much fun! Suraya did a great job. She caught on very quickly to the whole skating on ice thing. Andrew, as always, did freakin' awesome like he does this all the time. Me, well I did good. I think all the years of roller skating helped. Everyone was out there having a good time and it was so much fun just skating around with everyone. The girls had blisters but they managed just fine while sitting and gobbling down hot chocolate and cookies.

After skating we went to dinner where we were given our presents and we gave his dad and stepmother presents. Then Andrew and I stopped by his dad's house. We chatted for awhile and went home. It was a lovely evening.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Our heater died

The heater died on us on Monday. It was working fine then boom, it was dead. It won't turn on at all. We have a home warranty on the house but they probably will do anything to get out of actually doing a real fix or replacing it. I called one of the subcontractors we use for work and they told me if we have any issues with the company the warranty people send out then call them.

It is FREEZING in my house! Last night I had to do a serious workout to warm myself up. LOL. The thermostat read around 59 degrees in my house this morning. I know it;s much colder outside but it still felt like an igloo in my house. We've even been putting jackets on the dogs (yes I bought them jackets!!). Welcome to homeownership!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I had to force myself to do it.

I almost didn't work out today. It was so tempting not to. I just wanted to sleep. I walked by the mirror and saw that my gut was going down and I want to keep it that way so I got my butt up and did my cardio. I was a little lazy with it and didn't push as hard as I normally do but to make up for it I stayed on the elliptical longer and made sure I reached my goal of 400 calories. I feel much better and am really glad I forced myself to do it.

I think if I keep this up for a long time I may reward myself with a better elliptical. Right now I have a low end model. I didn't want to be the person that spent a fortune on exercise machines that collected dust so I went for a low cost machine. If I keep this up and make it a permanent part of my daily routine I think I will get a fancy shmancy one.

Look what I can do!

Do you notice anything different about my blog?

I learned something new!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember my failed baking attempt?

Man, those poor cookies were horrid looking. They didn't taste bad but they were FUGLY! Huge fail on my part. After that I decided I couldn't bare to present those ugly things to others so I made 2 new batches of different cookies. Now with these cookies I wasn't expecting much. I just needed something simple for the cookie exchange. Someone suggested cake mix cookies. Now THAT sounded easy and yummy, and it was. I made chocolate with peanut butter chips and strawberry with funfetti frosting. These came out much better looking than my failed batch!

When I got to the exchange I realized my poor little cookies were kinda just eh. They weren't elaborate and only were made from 4 ingredients. I found out when I got there that there was a contest for Most Creative, Most Delish, and Best Presentation. Now way was I going to win any of those categories! I had no clue we were competing. My cookies were in tupperware, not a pretty plate like any of the others so there goes best presentation. Creative? No way, mine were plain! Most Delish, no to that too I thought. Mine were just basic cookies. Well, guess what? I was WRONG! My strawberry cookies won "Most Delish"! Surprised the crap out of me!

Since everyone seemed to like them I decided I will make cake mix cookies for Christmas to hand out. I will make different combos, not just pink with white frosting. Can't wait to see how my new creations will turn out! I found a winner!

Day 13 - weight loss update

When I started my weight loss I didn't want to step on the scale. I was planning to measure my weight loss by how I felt and how my pants fit. Well, my pants and shirts have been fitting much much much better. I can actually wear fitted shirts again and not have a bulgy blubbery belly jiggling around. That excited an motivated me more so I wanted to see what my weight was looking like. I wasn't expecting anything to have changed from the last time I posted on here but guess did!! 3 more lbs down!

Today I decided to step up my workout a bit and went for a run/walk/hike with my sister-in-laws. It was pretty awesome and after 1 1/2 hours I felt good! After that Andrew, Suri, and I played tennis. Let me tell you, I am exhausted now. I need a nap.

Oh back to my whole point...I lost more weight!! I can't believe it! I mean I know I lose weight fast when I put effort into it but I'm pretty surprised at how fast it's happening.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I baked yesterday

I am not a baker. Never have been and apparently never will be. I can cook and make things look and taste yummy but baking is not for me unless it's from a box. Why would I try baking when I know I suck at it? Well, it's the holidays and my sister-in-law thought it would be a great idea to have a cookie exchange. I was all for it until I decided I didn't want to make the thin mint cookies that I have mastered. With school and work I don't have time to put all that work into them that they require.

Since I vetoed the yummy cookies I know how to make I asked for suggestions. I got some really good recipes and had to decide between them. Andrew ended up being the actual decision-maker in this since I'm not a fan of cookies anyway. He chose Pinwheels. They looked really pretty in the picture and didn't seem hard to make. Here is what they look like in the picture...

Pretty huh? Yea, I thought so too. And here's mine....

Ummm, yea....not so pretty. I think I need a new easier recipe for the exchange. maybe like buy some from the store and pretend I made them? LOL!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 10 - 3-4lbs down

I had to ask a coworker what day I started working out! I completely forgot. OK, so it looks like November 22 was Day 1. I didn't exactly weigh myself but I know I weighed 160 or so, definitely NOT less. So I am going to go with 160 on Day 1 and start keeping track of my weight loss on here. Hopefully it helps me!

Today is Day 10 and the scale said 156! Maybe it said 157 but the little lines are tiny...LOL. Either way it's a loss in some pounds so I'm doing pretty good! Pnats are fitting really good!

I'll update at least weekly. Maybe I'll post weekly pictures....hmmm.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's time

I have let myself go. I stopped working out. I stopped wearing makeup. I stopped doing my hair. I stopped caring. Why? I don't know. I got lazy. I went from working out 4 times a week, wearing makeup everyday, straightening my hair daily, and really making an effort....then it ended. I have gained anywhere from 30-40lbs and since I didn't care about my looks I began to look frumpy. It's time to change back to the old me.

This frumpy Kasi lasted for a very long time. Last month, or maybe the month before I decided to start wearing makeup again and doing my hair. I feel so much better everyday now that I look presentable. I feel pretty.

Next was on to clothes. I bought some new clothes that actually fit and complimented my figure rather than my clothes that were 3 sizes too small and made my weight gain very noticeable. I feel pretty.

My last task is underway and that is to lose weight. When I met Andrew 3 years ago I was a gym rat. I worked out a lot and looked really really good. I had a bikini body. Since then I have gained a considerable amount of weight and still wear a bikini but don't exactly look good in it. Last week I started working out on the elliptical that has been my shirt holder for many months. I threw all the shirts off and got my butt into action. I make sure to burn 400 calories a day (about 30 mins) on my new best friend. The best part is it's in my room so I can watch TV while I'm working out. It helps a ton! On top of that I try to throw in walks and other activities that will help me out. Andrew wants to play tennis this weekend at the park down the walkway from our house. We'll buy bikes soon...anything to help my fitness level.

So far it's been a week and I've stuck to my routine everyday and already see results. My pants fit better. My bulgy belly is looking smaller. And best of all I feel better!!