Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Valentine's Day Card

My friend had a great idea the other day while I was at her house.  She said we should make Valentine's Day cards for our husbands.  Ahh, how I loved that idea seeing that I keep trying to find reasons to make cards!

I wanted to make one that wasn't too girlie yet not too manly so I kind of combined the two.

I think the grey strip makes it less girlie.


Blinged out with hearts

I love the silhouette of the children.  I searched images for children kissing and this came up.  I had to work some magic in Photoshop to make it show up correctly in my program (Make the Cut) but I was so happy when I made it happen.  I am easily pleased.

The grey strip down the side reminds me of a mechanic shop or something.  The the tearing made it more rough and not so "put together".  I was a little iffy about it but I stuck it on there and added some ribbon to dress it up a little.

For the "I Love You" caption I used a rotary cutter my mother-in-law bought me for Christmas then inked the edges.  I also stamped the "I Love You" then embossed it with clear embossing powder.  I LOVE that rotary cutter and my heating tool!  The heating tool I got from my sister as a Christmas present.  As for the cutter, I used to use the scissors for cutting but trying to make your cuts straight was a pain so the rotary cutter has made life much easier.  It came with a few different blade options, one of them being a scouring blade which I have been using to make a bend in the pop up card captions. 

Speaking of pop-up card captions, I did a pop-up "I Love You" in the inside and attempted to glitter it but it came out terrible.  Sorry, no pictures of that will be posted but Andrew gets to see it when he gets the card.  Haha, yes I plan to give it to him with the ugly "I Love You" glitter words.  Hey, I tried.



very cute! I made my fiance's card last year and will most likely do so this year.

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