Sunday, January 16, 2011

Paper Galore!

Oh my goodness did I go crazy at Joann's today.  I walked in there intent on raiding the open stock paper.  It is on sale for 6 for $.96.  This is the best sale I've seen on open stock paper anywhere so of course when I saw it in an ad a few weeks ago I was excited and impatient.  They don't have their paper this cheap too often so now is the time to buy and buy I did.

I walked in a few minutes after they opened and walked straight to the paper.  I was like a madwoman and by the time I had raided just two sections I was overloaded.  I had to take a step back and reassess my game plan.  How is it that I already had over 100 sheets of cardstock and I had only gone through two of the rows?  I know how...madness!  I put it all the paper back in their proper slots, left the store and went to my car for a moment to breathe.  "OK, there's no way I can buy 4 of each color paper, that's insane" is pretty much what I told myself while standing at my car trying to figure out how to go about calmly buying paper.

After a few minutes I was ready to go back in.  This time around I slowly grabbed one of each color cardstock and a few of some of the colors I already have plans for.  I went to the decorative paper next and did the same, well kind of.  I grabbed two of some that I really liked.  I counted the paper after I was done and had about 250 sheets.  OH GOSH...still way too many!  I went through each piece and put back some of the duplicates I had grabbed of the decorative paper and whittled down the amount of paper I had by a little but not much at all.

Next it was off to embossing powders and embossing folders.  I found a jar of sparkle powder for $1.97 on clearance.  Not too bad.  I also bought two sets of two embossing folders that were originally $15.99 but on clearance for $6!!  Woohoo!  Two are obviously Christmas folders but the other two can be used for any occasion.  I still had a 50% off one item coupon so I bought a ribbon I can us for Valentine cards and my adventure was over.  I made sure it was over.  I had to.  I knew the total was going to come out to way more than I had planned on spending.  Oops!

I apologized as I walked to the cash register.  The nice customer I was, I set up the paper for the cashier so all the barcodes were on the same side as she was scanning.  She chatted with me as she rang up my massive amount of paper and we joked about how long the receipt was.  What if I needed to return something?!  Hahaha.  The damage wasn't too bad but still a nice chunk of change.  But guess what?  I  have plenty of paper to last me forever!  Now all I need is more storage!  

The longest receipt ever



Shut up, that's your reciept? Oh.Em.Gee.


Yup, that is my receipt!

Amy (aka Aimitup)

Too cute to photograph your receipt - mine are that long sometimes!

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