Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hawaii Themed Birthday Card

I made this awesomely cute card for a friend of mine.  I started out with one idea but it all changed once I started making the card.

I started out with making Hawaiian looking flowers like I made for my scrapbook page (pictures posted previously) and the hula girl.  I put it all together and it just didn't look right.  The hula girl needed an environment.  She looked off just there with nothing but flowers next to her.  I scrapped the idea of flowers and decided to create a scene for her.

Hawaiian Themed card
The sky is actually the base of the card.  For the ocean I dry embossed using my Cuttlebug and then inked it to give it two shades of blue rather than the on.  On top of the ocean I place a shiny tan colored cardstock that I also embossed.  I tried to ink it but the ink just slid right off.  Note to self: glossy paper = no good with ink.

Next came the palm tree or is it a cocnut tree?  The palm trees here don't grow coconuts so there's my confusion!  Anyway, isn't it cute?!  I embossed that using the Cuttlebug and a Sizzix embossing folder that I got for 60% off at Joann's.  I inked it to make the textured look give it a more real look.  The coconuts were actually scraps form another card that I had laying on the table.  Score!
Coconut Tree

Little miss hula girl is precious.  I cut her out and pieced her together giving her skirt and hair flower double layers.  I drew in her face with pencil.  Let me tell you...that is hula girl #2.  Number 1 looked like the wicked witch of the west (that's the ugly witch right?).  I had her all ready to go and then drew in her face....umm, she looked so horrible!!  I had to take all the pieces off and redo her body/face.  Oh, and her leg foot off!  Hahaha.  The one I ended up with is perfect.  No funky face and she has two feet!

Hula girl

A lot of work went into this card but it was fun to make and I love the end result!



What a cute card!

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