Saturday, December 5, 2009

Remember my failed baking attempt?

Man, those poor cookies were horrid looking. They didn't taste bad but they were FUGLY! Huge fail on my part. After that I decided I couldn't bare to present those ugly things to others so I made 2 new batches of different cookies. Now with these cookies I wasn't expecting much. I just needed something simple for the cookie exchange. Someone suggested cake mix cookies. Now THAT sounded easy and yummy, and it was. I made chocolate with peanut butter chips and strawberry with funfetti frosting. These came out much better looking than my failed batch!

When I got to the exchange I realized my poor little cookies were kinda just eh. They weren't elaborate and only were made from 4 ingredients. I found out when I got there that there was a contest for Most Creative, Most Delish, and Best Presentation. Now way was I going to win any of those categories! I had no clue we were competing. My cookies were in tupperware, not a pretty plate like any of the others so there goes best presentation. Creative? No way, mine were plain! Most Delish, no to that too I thought. Mine were just basic cookies. Well, guess what? I was WRONG! My strawberry cookies won "Most Delish"! Surprised the crap out of me!

Since everyone seemed to like them I decided I will make cake mix cookies for Christmas to hand out. I will make different combos, not just pink with white frosting. Can't wait to see how my new creations will turn out! I found a winner!



That's awesome! I like how you made them in to sandwiches too!

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