Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let the festivities begin!

Andrew's dad and stepmother coordinated a nice evening out as a Christmas gift for the family. The evening started off at the Mission Inn where we were going to see the building all lit up and decorated. Now if you've never seen the Mission Inn during Christmas you're really missing out. The building is amazing period but all lit up, wow! We all met up around 4 on a rainy and wet evening but that was OK. I was very happy most of us in the family showed up. Only the usual ones didn't but no one was surprised. Unfortunately by 5 the lights weren't all on but we stood around enjoying the site for a little while before we went on to the next skating!

Ice skating was so much fun! Suraya did a great job. She caught on very quickly to the whole skating on ice thing. Andrew, as always, did freakin' awesome like he does this all the time. Me, well I did good. I think all the years of roller skating helped. Everyone was out there having a good time and it was so much fun just skating around with everyone. The girls had blisters but they managed just fine while sitting and gobbling down hot chocolate and cookies.

After skating we went to dinner where we were given our presents and we gave his dad and stepmother presents. Then Andrew and I stopped by his dad's house. We chatted for awhile and went home. It was a lovely evening.


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