Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our week without Suri

We dropped Suraya & my sis off 2 Saturday's ago at LAX. they were Florida bound to visit my dad. My unemotional butt got all teary-eyed when I had to say bye. It's scary sending your baby off for the first time. What if something were to happen and I'm not there? It's really scary but I let her go. I can't be forever sheltering her, not that I ever have really.

After we dropped her off Andrew and I decided to make use of our season passes to Universal Studios. It was the first day of Grinchmas and they had Whos running around. It was cute. The makeup they did on the characters was awesome! Oh and the Grinch was sooo mean! HAHA. Anyway, we were able to get on all the rides right away. It was so much fun not having to wait in line for a ride!! After that we headed to a Puerto Rican restaurant where I was able to eat the yummy food I missed so much!

The next day we went on a bike ride and explored more of our little city. Who falls off a bike while standing still? ME!!

A few days later we went to watch Avatar in 3D with my BFF and her family. Let me tell you...3D is a must! I don't care what the movie was about I was captivated by the animation in 3D.

Christmas Eve we ended up going to my Grandmother's/aunt's house. Man, I missed how crazy it gets there. I haven't been there in a few years because of some grudges I hold. I hold grudges forever but I decided to put those aside. I am so glad I did. My grandmother is crazy. There's no other way to describe her but CRAZY! What 73 year old woman runs around chasing people with guns? My grandma. What 73 year old woman gets drunk and starts flashing people? Yup, my grandma. What 73 year old woman talks about people's asses she kicked? My grandma. What 73 year old woman calls everyone a Mother Fucker? Yup again, my grandma. What a night! Andrew got a taste of my whacky family.

On Christmas day Andrew and I went snowboarding. It was a ton of fun especially because it wasn't crowded at all as people had warned me it would be.

This past Saturday we ended up going to a club. Now clubbing isn't my thing anymore and it's definitely not Andrew's thing but we went anyway and had a blast. I wish I would have listened to him and not drank so much. Oh well, I was dancing my little butt off all night! The next day not so great.

Sunday I was hung over! UGH! So THAT'S why I don't drink anymore, huh?! Lulu decided to dig under the fence and run away. Little turd head. In my fuzzy hungover mind I didn't freak out as bad as I would have had I been all there. We ended up finding her on the next street over. BRAT! That night we picked up Suri and my sis from the airport. Got home at 2:30am...OMG...we were sooo tired and called off Monday.

So that was our week without Suraya. it was fun even though I missed the little brat. She text messaged me up the butt while she was gone. So cute!


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