Monday, January 4, 2010

Stop asking...

We found out that our friends are expecting. This is the second announcement in recent months. I am excited for both couples but I can't help but feel a tad bit jealous. Andrew feels the same. I know, SURPRISE on that one, huh? He is ready for a baby and isn't even trying to deny it anymore. Me, I go back and forth. I think I use "being selfish with my life the way it" is as a defense mechanism when it turns out I'm not pregnant. It's just easier to cope that way.

I decided to keep the whole pregnancy thing low key. I would rather people not know what's going on, when we plan to try to conceive, etc. It keeps the little glimmers of hope at bay and keeps the questions of "Are you pregnant yet?" from being asked. People may not realize it but that one question hurts if you're trying and it's just not happening. There may be issues the person is not ready to disclose yet or want to keep private. On top of that, that one question leads to more questions and it can get uncomfortable and awkward.

So I guess I can say that I would rather no one ask me any questions about me getting pregnant, when, etc. I will announce my pregnancy when I feel comfortable telling people. Right now I really don't feel like it's something I would tell anyone right away.

P.S. No I'm not pregnant.


Allison Holmes

Girl I know the feeling! People drive me crazy sometimes... people need to mind thier business
I don't mind talking with friends but when random people give me crap about why Im not prego yet I seriously want to wack them lol


Isn't it annoying!? ARGH!

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