Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My new favorite site!

Money money money moooney MOOONEY!! I heard about this site on the news one day and decided to check it out. Well well, looks like I found me a winner! I get money back on the items I would have bought anyway.

How it works is you sign up for an account (duh!) and anytime you make an online purchase you log onto Ebates and enter the desired store's website through Ebates. That's all you do! No joke! Ebates creates a tracking receipt and poof, a few days later the amount you get back from making an online purchase shows up in your Ebates account and at the end of the quarter you get a check, direct deposit (I think), or Paypal deposit.

Each store has a percentage listed on Ebates (assuming they are affilitaed with them) that you get back from your purchases. For example, I bought textbooks for school on by going through Ebates and I am getting 4% of that total purchase price back. You get 2% back from ebay. There's tons of stores listed like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and the list goes on.

So, I have been using the crap out of this site for all my online purchases. So far I've made a few dollars back but with my school book purchases and the books i buy for enjoyment I expect to get quite a bit more back. It's pretty exciting!

So, I highly recommend checking out the site. You get $5 for signing up and making a "qualified" purchase. If you want I can email a link to the page and guess what that does? Gives me some extra dinero for referring people. Hey, help a sista out! I be po'! LOL! Seriously, check it out if you buy online anyway, it's worth it.


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