Thursday, January 7, 2010

Innocent Traitor

I just finished reading my first historical fiction book and I loved it. What piqued my interest in this genre was watching The Other Boleyn Girl a few years ago. When, at the end, it stated it was based on a true story I was intrigued.

The other day I was out hunting for a book and happened upon some at a bookstore by an author named Phillipa Gregory who wrote the book The Other Boleyn Girl in which the movie was based off. I ended up buying one of her books and excitedly told some avid readers I know about my purchase. Turns out I bought the 3rd book in the series by Gregory. I shouldn't really say it's a series but people suggested I read her books in chronological order which are historical fictions of the Royal House of Tudor.

I found the list of the order to read the Tudor series in in and bought all of them off ebay and I couldn't read the 3rd book and be lost because I hadn't read the rest! And as some people know I can't just do things little by little. if I want something I have to have it and all of it. THIS is why I stay away from expensive hobbies. In the meantime someone suggested I read the Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir which is also a historical fiction within the time period I am interested in.

Innocent Traitor is the story of Lady Jane Grey, who's great uncle was King Henry VIII (the same King Anne Boleyn married). The book details Lady Jane's sad and harsh life from childhood to death through various character's view points in the story. It details the selfish plot thought up by her ruthless parents and others that lead to Lady Jane's her demise.

In 1553, At the age of 16 Lady Jane Grey became the Queen of England. Sadly her reign was cut short and she was dethroned a short 9 days after she (unwillingly) accepted the crown.

The book captured my attention the whole way through. I ended up reading up on Lady Jane Grey's history and that of her family's before finishing the book so I knew how it would end. Nevertheless it was a great read and it has sparked my interest in reading books within this genre. I live history! Good thing I have 6 historical books waiting for me!

Next up is Catherine of Aragon in....


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