Friday, April 17, 2009

Story Behind the New Car

Two Saturdays ago it was decided that it was time for my Jr. Jr. (car) to have some major surgery. There was a huge list of things wrong with her plus she needed the 100,000 mile tune up. We dropped her off and stupidly proceeded to look at the new cars. Bad idea! We were sucked in at that point but still refused to budge on buying a new car until we knew poor Jr. Jr.'s diagnosis.

Man, the salesman pushed hard. Seriously hard. It was annoying. They went as far as bringing the service tech supervisor in to tell us my car was pretty much a gonner. (Ok, so secretly at this point I wanted a new car but wasn't thrilled about having a new car payment.) Even after hearing this we decided we needed firm proof my car would be insanely expensive to fix.

We waited around another hour or so for the final verdict. The verdict was what they had told us. It would cost around $5000 to fix my car. I honestly believe this was a lie or padded quite a bit in order to get us to buy a new car. So of course with that we decided to get a new one just like the pushy salesman wanted. We fell into the perfect hole for them and they pounced!

After hours of negotiating we purchased a 2008 Dodge Charger. I was nto a happy camper at first even though I secretly wanted it but it has grown on me. It is a damn sexy car and it is roomy enough for us to have another child one day!


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