Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Insanely Slow

Work has been super slow. I have been here nearly 3 years and this is the slowest it's been. I was verifying timecards yesterday and noticed most of the crews were off yesterday because there was no work. We've been lucky that Andrew hasn't been told not to come in. He has been mostly getting 4-5 hour days so that is a blow to our pockets but at least he is getting some hours in.

As for me, I'm safe so far. I work in the accounts payable/receivable/collections dept. I'm a one woman show and since my boss doesn't want to have to do my work I haven't had to take time off. The other girls in the office have been told not to come in or come in a half a day. I am thankful we have jobs, I just wish the economy would pick up so things can get back to normal.

With work being so slow it give the owners a chance to nitpick everything and it's so freakin' annoying. Oh and they complain about money and how we need to save money yet they use company funds to fund their vacations, buy the new release DVD's every Tuesday, buy things for friends (I'm talking about a few hundred dollars worth), food (claiming it was for a company party), etc. The list goes on. It's rather frustrating to see all these company charges that aren't for the company at all yet they sit here and say they can't give anyone a raise because of the poor economy. I understand it's their money but if you can't give your employees a raise then don't run around spending the company money that can go towards raises frivolously! They make a 5 figure paycheck monthly(thousands) so why can't they use thier own money for things outside company expenses? It irks me that there is this hypocracy when it comes to the money.


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