Friday, April 17, 2009


This year the Easter celebration was hosted at my house. I have to say that I was weary of it and not exactly looking forward to it because of some drama that had happened before that and just because I was not in the mood.

The night before, Andrew' mother and stepfather stayed the night. It was nice to have them over. They hadn't seen the house yet so they were excited. The next morning we woke up and attempted to start cooking the ham. Ummm, yea....that's all I have to say. It was my first time and I didn't know which instructuions to follow out of the 2 I had found on the internet. I chose one and ran with it.

I headed out to do some last minute shopping for dinner and came back home to find an almost fully cooked ham! It was ony 9:30am! I had chosen the wrong instructions! Oh well. I took it out and just let it sit until it was time for the festivities to begin.

People started arriving around 2pm and brought food as well so I wouldn't have to bare the brunt of the food-making. My duties were potatos, ham, salad, meatball appetizers, and fruit w/fruit dip. Ok, so my fruit dip and meatballs are party hits! I have to thank Roxanne for the dip recipe.

Both mine and Andrew's family were there and it was a full house but everyone seemed to have a good time, myself included. We ate dinner, which was delicious and then had our egg hunt. It was so cute watching the little ones. After all that dessert was served and the party came to an end.

I am glad we were able to host Easter at our house and it turn out so well! The family's got along great and everyone had a good time. I couldn't ask for more!



so i'm sad that there is no pic of me and i would post one here but I don't know how. I read all your blogs. You've had an exciting, busy life lately. That's great. It's about time you found the happiness you deserve! newly wed, new house, new city, new car, new career soon... what more could you ask for? You're livin the life!

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