Thursday, April 15, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new

We recently upgraded our cell phones to the Samsung Moment with Google.  It is an awesome phone!  It has apps like the iPhone which you can download from teh Android market.  Most are free and others you have to pay a small fee for.  I prefer this phone over the iPhone because 1) Sprint's service is cheaper and 2) it has a pull out keyboard.  I've had so much fun with this phone just by discovering new apps.   

I found one yesterday that will keep track of the calories I've consumed, Calorie Counter.  Yea, yea so what right?  Well the cool thing I found on this app is that you can scan the barcodes of items and it will pop up on your screen.  So far it has worked on everything but a box of sweetner.  In the case an item is not found you can enter the product name in the search bar and be able to find it. You can also adjust the serving size in case you didn't eat the portion they alloted (which is the serving size on the label).  The barcode feature makes it so much easier to use than having to search for every piece of food I consume.  You can also save meals you frequently eat or search for most recent foods eaten in order to populate your menu faster.  Yes, it's awesome! 

That's just one of quite a few apps I love.  Reviews on others to come.


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