Friday, April 16, 2010

Holy ton of food!

Last night I attended Martha Green's "Celebrating Family: The Perfect Buffet" cooking class.  I have never been to anything like it before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I thought a few people would show but it turns out there were hundreds of people.

I have been to Martha Green's in Redland's only once and that was for a cake tasting we did for my wedding.  I noticed that it was a quaint little restaurant as well.  I made a mental note to one day stop by to eat  but I never did.  Now I am very sure I will go.  Martha Green is so personable and hilarious.  She seems so down to earth.  

Back to the class!  OK, so Martha was up on stage demonstrating how to make each meal.  As she was doing that, volunteer waiters (who turned out to be councilmen, firemen, business owners, etc from the community) were serving us each dish.  Ummm, let's just say it was a 17 course meal!  That's just a slight over exaggeration.  A few of the menu items were:     

Easy Potato Soup - Delish 
Kiwi Strawberry Salad - Yumm

New Mac n' Cheese - So so
Citrus Pecan Roll - Very good
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Torte - Did you read the name?!  That's all I have to say!!

The Favorite Brunch Strata - Had cheese, eggs, sausage - OK
Chicken amd Cheese Quesedilla Pie - My FAVE!  

There were more but with out the cookbook we were given I cannot list them.  There were so many!  My group left the table stuffed!  By the time we got to the 4th entree we were all holding our stomachs and groaning at the thought of more food but we chugged on sampling each dish and oohing and awwing at the ones we enjoyed the most.  We had a great time thanks to the owner of the business I work for.  She paid for us to attend.  That was really sweet of her. 

The proceeds of the class benefit the Redlands Bowl Summer Music Festival.  I am sad to say I have never been to the Redland's Bowl but after last night I made a decision to start going.  They have free concerts during the summer.  Also, right now there is a contest the Redland's Bowl is apart of where votes are needed.

Please vote for the Associates of the Redlands Bowl in a national contest with Pepsi Refresh. If they are one of the top ten vote recipients, they will receive $25,000.



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