Wednesday, April 7, 2010

At what point do you stop?

Andrew is not liking the idea that I am stocking up on items I deem necessary and he deems unnecessary such as shampoo and toothpaste. His idea of necessary defers from mine in that I think those types of items are a necessity and why not stock up on it while it's free or extremely cheap, while he thinks that if you don't need it right that moment then why get it?

So here's the dilemma. He says he doesn't mind me getting the stuff but only if I set a limit on how many items I get. Now how the heck can I do that? If the items are free or practically cheap I want to take advantage of it. I really don't see why it's a big deal but with him it's always a struggle on the money end. In the long run we save money but he doesn't see it that way. If we want to save money then we shouldn't spend it is his view. Grrr....

Sometimes I wish we never merged bank accounts. It is so much less stressful with separate accounts. Oh how I miss the days!



Pat and I have the same discussion. I'm with you. I've taken to giving some stuff away - my Mom was recently the beneficiary of some free dish soap, toothpaste and floss! :)


I haven't accumulated very much quite yet. I just started the drug store deals but it's irking Andrew already. hehe. I think it's fun getting stuff for free. :P


I once had a marketing professor that started the class out with this statement, "ladies and gentlemen.. the best advise I can give you during this quarter is DONT EVER HAVE A JOINT BANK ACCOUNT WITH YOUR SPOUSE/ SIGNIFICANT OTHER!" I think she was right!

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