Thursday, December 9, 2010

Oh paper how I love thee!

Handwritten "Thank You"
All the things you can do with making cards is amazing.  I envy some of the cards I see online and strive to make my cards look like theirs.  Problem is...I have no clue how they do it!  I'm learning though.  It's taking tons of time and some money to get all this down but it's definitely working so far.  

Embossed "Thank You"
One technique I just learned is embossing.  I have been dying to figure that one out so I finally did some research and found that there are machines that emboss.  Duh!  I mean I have a machine that cuts images so of course there's be a machine that did something so much simpler.

After this awesome discovery I started looking into the machines.  I ended up purchasing a Cuttlebug based on the price of the machine (40% off at Joann's) and the price of the embossing folders ($2.99 w/40% off).  This turned out to be much cheaper than any of the other embossing folders for other machines.  I hear you can actually use other brands in this machine as well.  We'll see....but back to my story.  The Cuttlebug is AMAZING!  I love that little thing!!!  It opens up a whole new world for me!

I have to show off my latest creation using the Cuttlebug, inking, and another technique I learned....using color to make things stand out.

My fave site is:  

"Thank You" card


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