Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm too smart for your scam

I got a letter int he mail yesterday postmarked from Canada and with no return address. *fishy* In the envelope was a money order for $3700 which is supposedly a portion of my winnings from some sweepstake that I won for $37,000. The money is to pay for taxes on the winnings. The letter instructed me to deposit the money order and wire X amount of dollars to some place to pay the taxes. After that I would get the remaining $30,000.

SCAM! I tore that sh!t up right away. A former co-worker of mine fell for it and lost a few thousand $'s in the process. The money order is a fake and will not go through but you don't find that out for a few days in which time the stupid scammers hope you wire them some $ before the bank rejects the check.

I looked up the scam and it turns out it is targeting new homebuyers. The letter and check was addresses to me with my middle initial noted as well. The only time I used my middle initial to was when buying the house.

Stupid scam. Glad I knew what it was up front.


Allison Holmes

Whoa that is so crazy! I've heard and seen it on my email and on the computer but to actually get in the mail is creepy! Soooo glad that you knew it was a fake. Anything that has to do with wiring money to no bueno. We almost got caught in a car scam with some scammer trying to do the same to us. The world is filled with creepy weirdos!

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