Friday, March 18, 2011

The Beginning of the End

After that fateful night at the club I realized I wasn't really that much into V. He seemed too possessive for my tastes so I moved on. I still dated him, if you can even call it that, but I dated others as well and was trying to distance myself from him. I was young and having fun with life. He was just a fling for the moment. I never expected it nor wanted it to be more.

In February of 1999 both V and I found out we would be stationed at Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base in California. That was exciting news for me. I was going home! Not really to my home but close enough for me to visit on weekends. I was also excited because I would know someone else there...V. Wait, wasn't I trying to rid myself of him?

V headed out about a week before me. All I knew was he was going to the air station on base. I knew nothing else and I didn't hear from him at all that entire week. A sign?

When I got to Camp Pendleton I found out I was to live in the middle of nowhere. A sparsley populated area of the base miles and miles from anything. Miles and miles away from V. I had no way of contacting him (remember this is before the widespread use of cellphones). I was alone.

I was alone, yes but I was determined. Within a day or two I had hitched a ride down to the air station barracks. There were a ton of barracks. A lot, but that didn't stop me. I was hell bent on finding V for some reason. Why? Wasn't it just a fling? Wasn't I trying to get rid of him when we were in NC? Why was I trying to find him? He had a horrible temper and was possessive. What was I doing?

I started knocking on doors at random until I hit the jackpot. One guy knew where the "new" guy's barracks room was.  Could it be?  Had I really found V?  On this massive base.  Among thousands of Marines did I find the one I was looking for?  I headed over to the room I was directed to and nervously knocked on the door hoping that the Marine I had just spoken to was correct, that this was the room I would find the "new" guy.

The door opened and there was V.

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