Monday, March 29, 2010

Drug Store Savings

I've been clipping coupons for the past few months now but have been intimidated by the drug stores and their register rewards programs, etc. They seemed really confusing to me. I decided to try it this week and I scored pretty big. Well, at least in my opinion.

I started off at Walgreen's and bought 2 Dove hair products each for $4. I had 2 $1.50 off coupons which made the product $2.50 each. On top of that you get $4 register rewards (RR) for each Dove product (each on a separate transaction). So I paid $5.70 (w/tax) for the shampoo & conditioner then got $8 in (RR)!! I made off nicely with that one! That was in 2 transactions in order to get the $4 RR for each hair care product.

In transaction #2 I ended up buying 4 Arrid deodorants with a Walgreen's coupon for $.99 each, a $4 pack of toilet paper, and Mist chewing gum for $.99 (w/coupon) and used my $8 in RR. All that was practically free..... $.95!

With no coupons or RR I would have paid $29.53

Instead I paid $6.60 total (w/tax) using coupons and RR!


My second stop was CVS where I bought 2 Oral B tooth brushes which I had a BOGO coupon for. The tooth brushes were $2.99 each but came with a $2 RR. I paid $3.95 for the two toothbrushes and got $2 in RR. That was transaction #1.

In transaction #2 I bought two Vive hair care products which were 2/$5. I had two $1 off coupons for those products. That came out to $3 for the two and I used my $2 in register rewards. With tax I ended up paying $1.44 for the shampoo and conditioner!!

So I would have paid $11.94 for the 4 items but with my BOGO, the two $1 coupons, and the $2 in RR I ended up paying $4.95.

I have found that with some thought these RR work awesome! Match up the coupons you already have for the RR products and you can make out quite nicely!



Good job Kasi! There's a $10 RR at Walgreens on Dulcolax, plus a $4 printable coupon out there online. So you can make $4 on it - I don't need the product so I'm giving it to my aunt that runs a nursing home and I'll keep the $4 profit! :) I think has the best blog for savings. I also like Keep up the good work! :)


Nice savings!

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