Monday, February 16, 2009

11 Days left!

Last Thursday we found out that the sellers agreed to lower the price of the house to the appraised value! YAY! That's a $17,500 reduction in the sales price. Sucks for them but awesome for us! What's even more awesome is that it looks like our mortgage payment is going to be less than our rent payment. Buying a house is definitely a great route for us!

I am trying not to get too excited bceause there's still 11 days left before the scheduled closing date btu I can't help having a glimmer of hope. Yesterday we looked at paint samples and may have chosen the livingroom and master bedroom colors. More on that later. As for other improvements to the house, I wanted to do casing and moulding but after looking at the prices that may have to wait. Paint should suffice for now.

We have put in our 30 day notice with our apartment complex and plan to move in slowly for a few weeks while we paint. I don't plan to be fully moved in until March 15. Soooooo, it looks like we may have a house!


Allison Holmes

Woohoo look whose blogging now! lol
Glad to see thing s are working out for your house!
Ill add you to my page so I can stalk...I mean follow your blog haha : ]

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