Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

This year we were low on money because with the economy being so bad our job hasn't given us bonuses for 6 months. This means we are out $400 - $500 a month so we've been struggling money-wise. Andrew and I decided not to get each other gifts because when we do we spend a lot! Last year I bought him a DeWalt tool set and those are costly! He got me the engagement ring so you know that was quite a bit. So anyway, this year with the wedding, house hunting, and the crappy economy we decided no gifts.

We concentrated on gifts for Suraya instead. Granted we couldn't spend a ton but I found some awesome deals and she loved everything she got. We bought her a karaoke video game and the girl LOVES it! My mom bought her a Hanna Montana dance video that came with a wig. Well, the child wears the wig all the time now. We went out yesterday and the girl wore it in public. Silly girl!

Hanna Montana look-alike

The most awesome part of Christmas was going to my mom's. She is great! For the past few years she hasn't been able to buy us presents but she kept saying that once she gets her money from the house her and my dad sold during their divorce she would make up for it. Well, it happened. She surprised us with gifts for every birthday and Christmas, graduation, and wedding that she was unable to give us gifts for. It was amazing! Oh, did I mention she's awesome!



She is adorable!!

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