Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The abuse of LOL

I have come to notice that many people abuse the use of LOL and LMFAO.  I think I used to be a culprit as well.  I stopped when I realized how freakin' annoying it is to see every sentence, no matter the context, end with LOL or LMFAO.  I'm talking about seeing this on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networks.

I remember way back in the day before the days of Facebook and MySpace.  Back when social networks were vary basic, the mIRC and AOL chatroom days.  Remember those?  From what I can remember this is where we began using acronyms for various actions such as "laugh out loud" - LOL.  Back then, I'm talking mid early to mid 90s and even late 90s and early 2000s, it was cute and new.  People used it as it should be used, when something was deemed funny.  So, yes, that make me sound so old...mIRC...before the days of mass cell phone use.

Why do people use LOL or LMFAO after they "say" such things as "I walked to the store" e.g.,  "I walked to the store.  LOL!".  Can someone tell me why that is LOL worthy?  Now if there was something absolutely absurd about this person walking to the store then maybe it would be LOL worthy but it's likely not worthy of an LOL or anything other than a plain old period.

Please please people keep your LOLs and LMFAOs to a minimum.  Don't use it in place of an exclamation point.  It looks idiotic sometimes.



I definitely do this and I am trying to stop.

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