Sunday, February 21, 2010

Credit Card Debt

Yes, I have credit cards and yes I am in debt. I used to be very good with credit cards and managing debt and then one day I stopped. I accumulated charges telling myself that I would pay the items off right away but I never would. All the little charges added up until one day I realized I was thousands and thousands of dollars in credit card debt. Poor Andrew married a woman in some hefty debt.

I have allowed myself to use my cards even after I met Andrew. He hates debt and I know it eats at him knowing that the majority of our debt is mine. Now we have paid many things in cash, in fact almost everything we have purchased has been cash. The wedding, all the vacations, the tvs, watercraft, projector, furniture....all that was paid using cash. How then can we be in so much debt? I have no idea. I remember going on my credit card binges and buying a shirt or shoes here and there saying oh, I can put it on the card and when we get paid I will pay it off. Does that ever happen? NO! Instead I let the one little charge accumulate interest charges and and that's how it all goes. Not for long though!

Last night I sat down and did some calculations and decided to pay off a huge huge chunk of our credit card debt. What this means is that 3 credit cards can now be cut up! Woohoo! It's an amazing feeling. If we stick to the plan we can have the 4th card paid off in 2 months! That would mean no credit card debt for us! YAY!! Umm, yea that's just credit cards though...then we have my student loan debt, the cars, and the house. next on my list...student loans...


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